April 21, 2021


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NASH ENTERTAINMENT front line Rapper CRINERRY Drops a Freestyle Video To Give His Views On Rape And Racism.

After the release of his single SAME CAGE, The NASH ENTERTAINMENTS rapper CRINERRY has returned with a freestyle Tittle “I CAN’T BREATHE

The extraordinary fast rising rapper in his freestyle single “I CAN’T BREATHE” talks about the rate in which racism is under increase in the world. He said; ‘To be black I need a reason, why am I not free? To breath the air THAT God gave me?’

Black Race has suffer in the face of the world, always being painted by its color for no good reason.

CRINERRY aslo talk about the RAPE and other forms of violence again the girl child and women in the world. Not just of a woman and girl child but also young boys are also victims assaults. So to say both gender suffer but the most talked about is of the she. Sex is something that two should agree to do, not to be forced by one for selfish reasons.



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